Our Classes

At Manarah Islamic Academy, we offer Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle school, High school, Arabic and Islam, Technology Integration, Science, Educational support and Career building.

Manarah Islamic Academy is a private Islamic school that delivers a standards-based curriculum within an environment in which Islamic values are practiced. The school is dedicated to preparing students for success in high school and university.

KG Program

The Kindergarten Program at the MIA is one of the largest in Lehigh Valley – 25 classes with approximately 20 educators and staff members. The three levels of instruction are: Pre-KG, KG 1, and KG 2. MIA provides the foundation for social and academic learning for students between the ages of 3 and 6 years old.

Pre-KG program

Our Pre-KG program is designed for three and four year olds whose third birthday falls on or before December 31st of the academic year. Pre-KG is usually a child’s first school experience, so a positive first year sets the stage for future dispositions towards learning..

KG 1 program

Our KG 1 program is designed for four and five year olds whose fourth birthday falls on or before December 31st of the academic year. KG 1 is still a transition year from home to school, and is the first school experience for children who have not previously attended Pre-KG.

KG 2 program

KG 2 is the equivalent of a kindergarten program in the United States. KG 2 is designed for five and six-year olds whose fifth birthday falls on or before December 31st of the academic year. The KG 2 curriculum continues to focus on oral language, listening, and social skills, while offering more structured approaches to academic concepts in preparation for grade 1.

Qualify Offer

At MIA we provide the most qualified and highly motivated teachers to provide the best education possible to our students. We take this responsibility very seriously as we guiding and mentoring our newest teachers with the necessary skills and trainings needed for your child to succeed.

Elementary years

We are looking forward to beginning a new year of learning with our wonderful students. Both of us view learning as a life-long endeavor with the elementary years serving as one of the most critical foundations to inspire students along that journey.

Idea to Success

The link between school and home is a critical component to a child’s success at school. Therefore, our schools offer a variety of means to communicate effectively: Plus Portals, classroom newsletters, communication books, email, phone, etc. We have an open door policy and welcome you to visit with us on either campus at any time to share any thoughts or concerns.

Events / Fun times

We offer a wide variety of extra-curricular opportunities: after school clubs, international week, reading week, sports day, and more. Please make sure to check our calendar to stay informed about our events throughout the year.

Future plans

We are committed to providing an environment that values diversity, fosters respect and understanding, and offers a safe and supportive environment for teaching and learning.

Student Assessments

Students in grades 6 to 9 are administered the MAP test to assess student learning and growth. Our academic and behavioral standards are high in order to accomplish all that is expected of us in the school community.

Sports & Athletes

Our students are also avid athletes, involved in soccer, volleyball, and basketball. Our dedicated staff support and encourage our students daily. We are fortunate to have such a splendid staff of professional educators.

Foundation plans

Providing the foundation for high school, university success and for lifelong learning. Academic, social, and emotional growth is at the forefront of our efforts and energy in providing our students with the best possible experience and preparation for what lies ahead.

Mission plans

We are proud to adhere to our school’s mission, “To deliver a standards based American curriculum within an environment in which Islamic values are respected and practiced.”

The Believe

The believe is to provide students an excellent academic education and firm foundation in moral and ethical values. MIA fosters a dedication to God through virtuous living in an Islamic environment.

Faith and Mission

MIA provides Quranic principles and Islamic studies which are offered daily as an option for students desiring to learn about Islam.

Focus and desires

MIA students are expected to integrate academic skills and ethical behavior to develop a balanced character enriched with knowledge, inspired to excellence, and committed to the betterment of self, family and the global community.