Elementary and Middle school

Library and music, all of which are taught by specialist staff. Swimming lessons also begin in Reception once a week at the swimming baths in the school, taught by qualified swimming teachers.

Manarah’s academic program is grounded in Islamic context. A focus on learning, practicing and applying Islamic values along with developing academic skills that exceed what is required by the Pennsylvania core standards, is the trademark of our program.

Regular student’s work include quizzes, tests, assignments, projects (group or individual), presentations, etc.

The implementation of the mentioned methods will develop lifelong skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and utilization of abstract ideas that will help Manarah students become responsible and contributing members of the community and society.

Here at Manarah Islamic Academy, we recognize the importance of a quality early childhood experience for all children with emphasis around partnering with families.


K – 5th

Middle school

6th and 7th currently
8th grade will be added in 2019 / 2020 scholastic year